high-quality and customer service

At Importexa, our team of about twenty staff members includes senior and junior employees. Each day they share their experiences and creativity. Our designers, textile engineers, dress designers, logisticians and sales representatives undergo regular ongoing training in order to keep them at the forefront of their field.

Creation, design, production, storage, transport, distribution, online sales: each activity is conducted in the pursuit of excellence.

Philippe Cosandey

Logistics Manager

Muriel Paquier

Purchasing Manager

Rosanna Sanchez

Key Account Manager

Neale Auberson

Sales Assistant

Sylvain Zahnd

Sales Representative

Pauline Chable Borgeaud


Vincent Prini

Sales Representative

Kerstin Solazzo

Sales Assistant & Customer Service

Margaux Wenger

Sales Assistant

Andrea Zanetti

Sales Representative

Stéphanie Kamber-Casella


Alain Blanc

Sales Agent

Margrit Saavedra

Administration and Finance Director

Caroline Ançay

Key Account Manager

Philippe Cloux

Managing Director and Chairman