Code of

Code of conduct

At Importexa SA, we strive to model good ethics on a daily basis through our operations and products.

Supplier standards, based on fundamental ILO standards:

1. Our employees must have access to all factories, and the right to carry out checks at any time.
2. Employment must be chosen freely (in accordance with ILO Conventions 29, 87 and 105).
3. Freedom of association and right of negotiation must be met (in accordance with ILO Convention 98).
4. There must be no discrimination between employees (in accordance with ILO Convention 111).
5. Child labour must be prohibited (in accordance with ILO Conventions 138 and 182).
6. A minimum wage must be guaranteed and met (in accordance with ILO Convention 100).
7. Working hours must meet the ILO rules.
8. There must be acceptable working conditions (protection, health, hygiene).
9. All employees must have a contract.
10. Where local and international working regulations differ, the strictest standard will prevail.