Ethics Charter

Our commitments

Business conduct

1. To conduct our business with integrity wherever we are present, meeting the laws, regulations and ethics.
2. To develop and apply the principles of social liability.
3. To take into consideration, in our decisions, the three pillars (economic, social and environmental) of sustainable development.
4. To be considerate towards our internal and external stakeholders and treat them with dignity, respect and without discrimination, in particular suppliers, subcontractors and end consumers.
5. Working conditions: to involve our stakeholders in our discussions and projects.

Working conditions

6. To promote the creation of working conditions that provide decent wages based on position, seniority and contract type.
7. To encourage the implementation of measures aimed at promoting the physical safety in the workplace of employees working directly and indirectly for Importexa SA.
8. To contribute to the development of a stimulating professional environment, designed to encourage individual and group skills, pursuit of quality, capacity for innovation, solidarity, recognition and personal fulfilment.
9. To ensure a conflict management process that enables each to express his/her opinion and achieve a fair solution.

Environmental impact

10. To work, throughout the production chain, to reduce water consumption and better develop alternative energies.
11. To develop organic, Fairtrade, recycled products as part of our FairWell line.

Helping our charter thrive

12. To train all our employees and networks in our business culture, in order to enhance and enrich it.
13. To discuss this external monitoring with the persons concerned and apply corrective measures.
14. To review the charter on a regular basis.
15. To promote open and interactive communication, both within the company and outside.