For a new start in life

A key player in sustainable development with our FairWell brand, since 2008, at Importexa SA, we have been supporting the NGO “AVEC – Aide volontaire aux enfants du Cambodge” (Voluntary Aid for the Children of Cambodia) in their fight against malnutrition, school dropouts and sex trafficking.

AVEC’s main objectives are to offer these children a stable environment with access to education. All the children form an integral part of the Shelter, creating a sort of “blended family”. There they live, are housed, fed, go to school and receive the necessary daily care. Each has his/her own tasks to perform and this new life enables them to flourish. Some discover an aptitude for study while others develop their creativity and sense of family.

This association provides:

a shelter for 40 children between the ages of 3 and 13
a kindergarten (preschool) for the village children
support for two state schools (Daksosor, 200 pupils and Salabalat, 400 pupils)
In exchange for basic foodstuffs (rice, salt, soy sauce and fish), 100 families have agreed to send their children to school.


Introduction to the work of the association:
Social Initiatives (A.V.E.C.) (PDF) / www.info-avec.org
Post office account: 17-577901-6, thank you in advance for your support!
Press review: Le Nouvelliste, 28 July 2012